This service runs parallel to Debt Collection since it comes first. It is not possible to pursue a debtor before you are able to substantively collect data about the same person. Private investigation is a very sensitive service only offered to the corporate clientele for commercial purposes only. Since there is no formal license for this in the local market, we always endeavor to ensure all our staff undertaking the same have police certificates. Our clients in this category so far are law firms, all lending institutions, various essential service providers and hospitals.

Services Offered

This will include the physical place of residence, work place or place of birth. These details are normally forwarded to our field agents who visit the debtor physically to have a one on one discussion on to repay the debt owed.

We partner with various government security agencies and mobile service providers to help us reach out to millions of individual contacts out there. This we do in line with with personal data security policies as provided by the law.

It’s always important to investigate and determine all the assets linked and earned by individual debtors, their next of kin and family members to fully understand the capabilities of such individuals in settling the debts owed.

With the understanding that borrowers are the same across most lenders, we try and connect the dots between borrowers from one facility with the other to truly understand their performance in terms of repayment so that we can built up a strong case on the behavior of the customer.